Established in 1997, Flaming Rocks always strives to produce beautiful, safe, and long lasting products. Flaming Rocks are the #1 choice for candle rocks, and blooming rocks … naturally!
Flaming Rocks are made in the USA by Karen and James Gilmour of Burnsville, North Carolina.

One Wick Flaming Rock

Single Flame Flaming Rock
1 Wick Price: $25 – Size: Approx – 7″ X 7″ Shipping determined by weight

Often Imitated, Never Surpassed!

Each Flaming Rock comes with long lasting wick(s) that draw lamp oil to the flame rather than burn themselves.

Two Wick Flaming Rock

2 Wick Price: $32 – Size: Approx – 8″ X 12″ Shipping determined by weight

Our Flaming or Blooming Rocks sit on glass reservoir that will not scratch your furniture.  The uses for our rocks are endless and the ambiance created by the warm glow of each flame, seemingly dancing on the rock, will make you want to use your candle rock often.

Three Wick Flaming Rock

3 wick price: $39 – Size: Approx – 10″ X 14″ Shipping determined by weight

Flaming and blooming rocks can used inside your home as center pieces for dining room tables, on fireplace mantels or hearths, or to set the mood in the bedroom.
Citronella oil in Flaming Rocks can be used in to ward off insects outside on your deck or patio.


Blooming Rock

Blooming rocks make for for fine table center pieces.
Price: $30.00 – Size: Approx. 10″ X 12″ Shipping determined by weight

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email –
Phone – (828) 682-3001
We can also provide a list of stores in North Carolina and Florida that carry Flaming Rock products.